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impACTup!: Our Impact Entrepreneurship Education Program

It will be on YOU to change our world!

Do you wish to:

  • Foster real impact?
  • Fund a startup that is economically viable, socially effective, and ecologically sustainable?
  • Share your thoughts with like-minded students from different fields?
  • Learn from leading experts from various disciplines?

Join our programs!

The LMU Munich and University of Augsburg (UniA) together with the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) joined forces to create a number of programs at the intersection of impact, entrepreneurship and innovation. The aim of these programs is to learn how to develop innovative solutions to tackle the grand societal challenges of our time and to create a better future, for all. Sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Science and the Arts, these programs, will enable you to create a better future. Here you find an overview of our impACTup! programs:

  1. Basic Course for Students: “impACTup!: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Better Futures”
  2. Basic Course for Scientific Personnel
  3. Impact Science Bootcamp
  4. Impact Innovation Lab

What is in it for you? By being part of impACTup! you:

  • Gain access to invaluable knowledge around impact entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to fund your own sustainable startup.
  • Connect with your fellow students and leading experts from different faculties and domains.
  • Receive ECTS (for attending our impACTup! basic course for students).

Please find a more detailed description of every program below.

Basic Course for Students: “impACTup!: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Better Futures”

“impACTup!: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Better Futures” is a curricular course, anchored in various faculties at LMU Munich and offered in an on-demand online format via Moodle. A modular and interactive setup with short input sessions and interactive exercises will allow you to learn how to build better futures through innovating and entrepreneuring in a novel, exciting way. No prior knowledge is needed for this course. The kickoff and closing sessions are held live on-site with an in-person networking event.

By attending this course, you will develop invaluable skills and learn how to translate knowledge related to impact entrepreneurship into practice. Here you find an overview of the main topics covered in this course:

  • Impact, what it is and why it matters in entrepreneurship
  • Building impact-driven startups
  • Impact design thinking
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Business modeling for value creation
  • Financing impact-oriented startups
  • Law basics for impact creation
  • Measuring and pursuing impact for sustainable development

The impACTup! basic course will be offered to bachelor and master students every semester, starting from the winter term 2023/2024. Online registration is required until Monday, April 22, 2024 via the following survey link: https://lmubwl.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_51kSLRiyqJlCC7c.

Basic Course for Scientific Personnel

The basic course for scientific personnel is the small-format version of the basic course for students “impACTup!: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Better Futures”. It is offered as a two-day workshop. In an optional additional module, examples and guidance are provided to promote impact-oriented thinking and innovative ideas in teaching next to the fundamentals of impact-oriented entrepreneurship.

The next impACTup! basic course for scientific personnel will be offered by the end of 2024.

Impact Science Bootcamp

The Impact Science Bootcamp fosters a holistic understanding of selected topics toward impact readiness. Participants will engage in in-depth dialogue with researchers and practitioners from various disciplines. They will learn about the most recent state of research in specific impact-related fields. The Impact Science Bootcamp enable participants to leverage their academic expertise as the basis for their innovation ideas.

The Impact Science Bootcamp spans over a weekend. The outcomes are documented in a short insight paper.

The next impACTup! Impact Science Bootcamps will be held in November 2024 in cooperation with the MCML.

Impact Innovation Lab

In our impACTup! Innolab, we bring together students, practitioners, researchers, business representatives, startups, and other key societal actors to collectively find innovative solutions to the most urgent grand societal challenges of our time. The participants will be guided by experts from research and practice, will critically delve deep into a fundamental problem of our time, and learn how to develop applicable innovative solutions, entailing economic, societal and environmental value.

The impACTup! Innolab is a full-time format, spanning over two weeks, and is facilitated by the CDTM.

The next impACTup! Innolab will be from March 4th to 17th, 2024. You can find further info about the Innolab here!


Are you interested in our impACTup! program, want to be notified for updates, or have any questions?

Please reach out to the impACTup! Team via impactup@som.lmu.de.


Visit our dedicated impACTup!-Notion Page.