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LMU IEC Certificate Program

What makes an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset?

How can I become more innovative in what I’m doing?

Which skills do I need to innovate and create a positive impact?


We will help you find the answer!

What is LMU IEC Certificate about?
It is a program that equips you with the knowledge, mindset and skills necessary to become an impactful innovator. Accordingly, the certificate program consists of three different modules:

  • Innovation Mindset: Open up your mind to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation Skills: Acquire and strengthen skills necessary to create and implement innovative and meaningful ideas.
  • Innovation in Action: Apply your innovation mindset and skills to a real-world problem.
How can I participate in the LMU IEC Certificate Program?
The LMU IEC Certificate Program is open to all students and staff at the LMU Munich.
Take your chance and register now for the LMU IEC Certificate Program.
By attending specific events and courses organized by the LMU IEC you can then work towards obtaining your certificate. Please note that you still need to sign up for each event and course separately.


How can I obtain the LMU IEC Certificate?
To obtain the LMU IEC Certificate, you need to collect 180 points by participating in our events and courses. Specifically, the following number of points is required in our three modules:
INSPIRE Punkteverteilung Grafik

  • Innovation Mindset: 30 points
  • Innovation Skills: 60 points
  • Innovation in Action: 90 points


You can enter the events you visited into your LMU IEC Event List. After collecting enough points, just send an E-Mail with your LMU IEC Event List to iec-certificate@som.lmu.de to receive your Certificate.

Find out more
about events and courses counting towards the certificate, their module classification and individual points attainable.

Stefan Hellinger (Research & Teaching Operations Manager):iec-certificate@som.lmu.de