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LMU IEC Certificate FAQ

LMU IEC Certificate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many points do I need to gather to obtain the LMU IEC Certificate?
A: To get the LMU IEC Certificate, you need at least 180 points separated into the three modules: At least 90 points need to be obtained in the Innovation in Action module, at least 60 in the Innovation Skills module and at least 30 in the Innovation Mindset module.

Q: I collected all necessary points (at least 90 in Innovation in Action, at least 60 in Innovation Skills and at least 30 in Innovation Mindset) to obtain the LMU IEC Certificate. How do I get the Certificate?
A: Please send an E-Mail to IEC@lmu.de and attach your filled out LMU IEC Event List.

Q: How are the points and the participations in the events tracked?
A: We keep participant lists for all of our events. You only have to register for the events and be present at the event.

Q: How many points do I have collected already?
A: We do not continuously keep track of every participant’s current score. Rather, we check if enough points were gathered once the participant asks to receive their LMU IEC Certificate. Therefore, please keep track of the events you attended and the points you already acquired using the LMU IEC Event List.

Q: How many points does event XY grant and to which Module (Innovation in Action, Innovation Skills or Innovation Mindset) does it belong?
A: All the information about the current events can be found on the corresponding event page on our website. Past events can be found in our archive.

W: Will event XY be offered next semester again?
A: That depends on the feedback for the event and the willingness of the lecturer to repeat the event.

Q: How long does it take to collect all the points necessary for the LMU IEC Certificate?
A: That depends on how many events you visit per semester.

Q: Is there a minimum number of points that must be collected per semester?
A: No, you can collect as many points as you prefer and take as many semesters as you want.

Q: I participated in a course eligible for the LMU IEC Certificate (e.g., Starting Up: From Ideas to Successful Business) some semester ago. Can I still obtain the points for the course now?
A: Yes, that is possible. To do so, just send proof of your participation (for example a transcript of records showing the course) with the E-Mail when asking for the certificate after gathering all remaining points.

Q: How long will the LMU IEC Certificate Program run?
A: We plan to continue the program throughout the upcoming semesters and don’t have any plans for an end date.