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LMU IEC x zeb | Design Thinking Workshop

Do you want to learn how to generate superior innovations by applying design thinking approaches?
Then sign up for our event LMU IEC x zeb | Design Thinking Workshop.

  • What: Workshop
  • When: 11.01.2022, 1pm-6pm
  • Where: Online
  • Points attainable: 20 points
  • Certificate module: Innovation Skills

About the event:
In this interactive workshop, we answer the question why customer centricity can be one or even the differentiating competitive factor and how companies succeed in creating customer-centric products and services, by incorporating design thinking in their innovation process. In this context, design thinking offers a creative approach for problem solving which combines diverse experiences, perspectives and opinions to create superior innovation output. Using an example, we will go through the Design Thinking process and develop a customer-centric product in a short time.

About zeb:
zeb is the leading strategy and management consultancy specializing in financial services in Europe. They support banks, insurance companies and (tech) service providers in dealing with all the challenges and opportunities arising from transformation in the industry. As an employer, they rely on people who like to try new things, take responsibility and inspire others through their actions.

You can sign up for the event until 10.01.2022.