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LMU IEC x Philipp Goller | Storytelling Workshop

Are you ready to collect 20 points in the Innovation Skills module?
Then sign up for our event LMU IEC x Philipp Goller | Storytelling Workshop

What: Workshop

When: 25.05.2022, 3-7pm

Where: Live in person at LMU (Room will be communicated prior to the event)

Points attainable: 20

Certificate module: Innovation Skills

About the event:
Good and well-told stories increase the chance of being successful with our communication - selling more products, finding supporters for our project, investors for our start-up, etc. In this workshop, we will first be introduced to a simple and clearly structured method to develop a story of our product or project that is relevant and compelling to our target audience. In the second step, we will learn what we need to consider when presenting this story via different channels and to different target groups. We will explore and practice these methods using practical examples. Ideally, participants will already bring a project for which they want to develop a story.

About Philipp Goller:
Philipp Goller has been helping companies and organizations develop and present compelling stories for more than 20 years and particularly enjoys helping clients whose great ideas and projects have not yet realized their potential due to suboptimal communication. He studied journalism at the LMU Munich and graduated as a communication consultant and trainer at the Schulz-von-Thun Institute for Communication.

You can sign up for the event until 24.05.2022.