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LMU IEC x Max Lindner | Discover Your Purpose with Entrepreneurship

Do you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and how it can help in tackling major societal problems?
Then sign up for our event LMU IEC x Max Lindner | Discover Your Purpose with Entrepreneurship.

  • What: Workshop
  • When: 22.02.2022, 4pm-6.30pm
  • Where: Online

About the event:
This event offers an introduction to entrepreneurship as a way of tackling societal problems. The workshop starts with a short theoretical elaboration on major societal issues, entrepreneurship and the concept of purpose, followed by hands-on work in breakout sessions on individual purpose and business ideas. You will explore and craft your own purpose and learn how you can translate it into a business idea benefiting society.

About Max Lindner:
Max Lindner is a PhD Candidate and Researcher at the Institute of Innovation Management (IIM) at the Munich School of Management, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich. His current projects center around Impact-oriented entrepreneurship, holistic value creation and sustainable consumer behavior. Additionally, he is the Teaching Lead of the Impact Readiness Program and works as Startup Coach at the LMU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. Before joining LMU, he worked in the Strategy departments of bigger industrial corporations and developed workshops and training for Top Management Executives.

You can sign up for the event until 21.02.2022.

Also, did you know that this event is eligible for the LMU IEC Certificate Program? Register for the certificate program via the LMU IEC website and start collecting your points!