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LMU IEC x Enactus | Social Impact in Action – A Real World Case

Are you ready to collect 20 points in the Innovation in Action module?
Then sign up for our event LMU IEC x Enactus | Social Impact in Action – A Real World Case.

  • What: Workshop
  • When: 27.11.2021, 10:00-14:30
  • Where: Online via Zoom
  • Points attainable: 20 points
  • Certificate module: Innovation in Action

About the event:
Combine social and sustainable ideas with entrepreneurial implementation in the Enactus projects mistub and Techdalo. In this workshop you will take on a real social-entrepreneurial problem concerning two Enactus projects: mistub and Techdalo. This event will entail a case study, on which you going to work on in teams.

Working on these projects will give you insights into a social-entrepreneurial work environment full of highly motivated students who are ready to improve the world with innovations they've created themselves, which also pay attention to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Do you have case study experience? Great! But a case-study newbie doesn't need to shy away here either! Project team members will be on hand to offer advice, guidance and a set of useful tools will also be introduced. You will be trained hands-on in structured problem-solving in the midst of practice.

About Enactus:

Enactus is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization. Its mission is to create an international network for practical support of projects of student groups for the common good of economic prospects for third parties.

You can sign up for the event until 26.11.2021.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!