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Corporate Entrepreneurship in Multinational Enterprises: A real-world Case at BMW Group

Would you like to know how to engage in entrepreneurship while working at a large Multinational
Enterprise? This seminar gives students the unique possibility to gain hands-on experience in initiating
a new business, product or service at a renowned multinational company: the BMW Group.
Together with an internal startup of the BMW Accelerator, the students will engage in assessing and
validating new ideas using latest lean-startup methodology and market research approaches. The
course will combine lectures as well as interactive formats and group work with international BMW

The seminar will include the following building blocks:

  1. What is corporate entrepreneurship? We will look at its strategic raison d’être, aspects such as profitability, competitive positioning and culture. To conclude, we will develop a typology of corporate entrepreneurship formats (e.g., corporate venturing, alliances, acquisitions, etc.).
  2. What does a typical corporate entrepreneurship process look like? We will take a deep dive into new business ideas from creation, initiation to launch and operation. Further, we will critically assess success factors of corporate entrepreneurship (e.g., governance and top management commitment).
  3. Methodology Bootcamp: We will learn how to quickly assess customer value of a new business idea within a corporate via the Lean Startup methodology.
  4. REAL-WORLD PROJECT AT BMW: We will join a corporate entrepreneurship team of the BMW Accelerator and apply the learned methodology to assess the customer value of such project.
  5. We will present the findings to the BMW Accelerator project team and top management at BMW.

Important dates 2021:

  • Session 1: Kick-off
    26.10.2021, 3-6pm
  • Session 2: Get to know the BMW-Teams!
    28.10.2021, 9-11am
  • Session 3: Time for Methods
    29.10.2021, 2-5pm
  • Session 4: Informal Mid Term Check-In
    17.11.2021, 6-8pm
  • Session 5: Final Workshop
    10.12.2021, 3-6pm


Apply now until 15.09.2021!

For registration to the Seminar in collaboration with the BMW Group, please send us an e-mail with your CV and your transcript of records: iec-certificate@lmu.de

For further questions on this workshop, please contact the LMU IEC Team:iec-certificate@lmu.de