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IEC Startup Secret: Entrepreneurial Resilience

Strengthen your entrepreneurial resilience: How to tackle adversities, on July 12th (5-6 pm).


Join our upcoming session on resilience, presented by Dr. Gisa Todt!

TOPIC: Entrepreneurial Resilience
WHEN? July 12, 5 - 6 pm
WHERE? @IEC: Giselastr. 10, 80802 München
REGISTRATION: Eventbrite (Free)

Strengthen your entrepreneurial resilience: How to tackle adversities.
Life is full of challenges, and the journey of building a startup is no exception. Whether it's personal or professional, we've all faced them. In this Session, we'll explore the key factors that help us bounce back and overcome adversities. Discover strategies to tackle obstacles and thrive, both before and during challenging situations. Don't let setbacks hold you back – equip yourself with resilience and conquer hurdles that comes your way!

About Dr. Gisa Todt
Dr. Gisa Todt is a distinguished resilience researcher and book author, with publications in top scientific journals. She is passionate about impact, human behavior and learning from failures and setbacks. She consults as a startup coach at the LMU IEC and has many years of work experience in the areas of human factors, failure culture and coaching.