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START with Business Modelling

For founders:

Do you want to start a business or further develop your start-up in a targeted manner? 

The LMU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (LMU IEC) supports you in developing your business idea and your company together with motivated and first-class trained student teams.

"START with Business Modelling" is a cooperative project between the Institute for Innovation Management (IIM), the Institute of Human Resource Education & Management (IWP) and the LMU IEC. Students learn how to develop business models under qualified supervision and assistance of trained mentors from several institutes of the Munich School of Management. Course participants gain theoretical knowledge and in parallel, they create and develop a business model for real start-ups in small teams. 

Your start-up project will be analyzed for all aspects of the CANVAS business model, e.g. value proposition, customer segments or revenue streams. The intensive support of the student teams by members of the Faculty of Business Administration in the development of concrete recommendations for action will benefit your business success.

What does "START with Business Modelling" offer you as a founder in detail?

  • New ideas for your start-up project or the already existing company
  • Elaboration of recommendations for the concrete implementation of the start-up project
  • Possibility to focus on specific fields of action of a business model (e.g. value proposition, customer segments, financing)
  • Access to current knowledge in start-up management
  • Development and expansion of your personal network
Your business idea is legally protected by a declaration of confidentiality and a prohibition of exploitation for all parties involved (Faculty of Business Administration and students).


Please fill out the contact form to apply as a founder for "START with Business Modelling".
We look forward to receiving your application!

Important dates 2023

  • Application deadline for start-ups
  • Closing event

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Further information

  • We also welcome you as a founder to attend our events and lectures within the seminar.
  • If you are a student and need further information, please visit the innovate rubric of our homepage.