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The LMU Framework

Purpose is the fuel that drives entrepreneurs. But purpose also needs to match team identity and a consistent business model. The LMU IEC Impact Readiness Program is LMU's framework within the Munich Global Impact Sprint.
Experience shows: Only if you proof financial readiness AND impact readiness you will succeed in the long run. Therefore, our program is tailor-made to support your startup in commencing, developing, and spreading in our ecosystem. We provide business expertise, impact modules, and the access to an expert and industry network for co-creation and turning your idea into outcome.

You will enjoy access to events and showcasing formats, co-creation and partner matching, and expert support & coaching. All will help you to become IMPACT READY!

Additionally, as a research university, LMU researchers and scientists are a capacity and resource we make available for the startups. In target-labs we pull in scientific expertise and closely support startups to co-create and experiment together with research staff. Also, we invite researchers to translate science into entrepreneurial endeavors and bring them to the market.