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Munich Global Impact Sprint


International startup talents, a rich, engaging innovation ecosystem and academic excellence are the blend of this light-touch program we invite you to be part of.


Munich Global Impact Sprint – We are scouting teams and talents

We want YOU to be part of the Munich Global Impact Sprint! Our project team is excited to receive your application for taking part in this journey. The application form is short, straightforward, and raises questions essential to your startup ambitions.

Kickstart your idea, find your perfect match, and build your business together with our team of coaches, entrepreneurship experts, corporate partners, and international talents. It´s without charge.

Applications are open now!





  • Application Deadline: 01 March 2022
  • Virtual Kick-off Event: 06 April 2022
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Intensity: light-touch, approx. one day per week in average capacity
  • NO TUITION: The program is without charge! We will only require you to sign a commitment letter before you enter the program.

The illustrious program is curated by the three top universities of Munich. Together with teams from all around the globe you will attend a collaborative process, integrating you into Munich’s unique innovation ecosystem. The program curriculum consists of multiple virtual events that will enable and equip you with the necessary mindset, toolset, and network to co-create and accelerate your impact-driven ideas.


Leverage these essential resources to make your startup ambition a reality:

  • Experience a world-class curriculum, learn from thought-leaders in their discipline, and transform your insights into actions.
  • Advance your entrepreneurial problem-solving and co-create solutions with ecosystem players.
  • Receive access to one of the leading innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe and Germany's top entrepreneurship academics.
  • Develop a tight-knit network of startup peers, entrepreneurship specialists, researchers, and corporate partners that you can leverage to your advantage for the years to come as MGIS alumni.
  • Amplify your team's impact and align purpose and business model by becoming impact-ready.

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The LMU IEC Impact Readiness Program and the Munich Global Impact Sprint are funded and supported by the
EXIST-Potentials program of Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

MUC Summit GmbH has been commissioned to act as ecosystem integrator.



In our definition, IMPACT is the effectiveness of an organization in fulfilling its mission
that has meaningful consequences for all stakeholders by creating economic, social, and
ecological value.

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We look forward to receiving your application!

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60 international startups have so far been part of the MGIS. Meet some of the MGIS alumni and their entrepreneurial stories: Meet the MGIS teams from batch #2!


Philipp Dahl (EXIST Project Management): dahl@lmu.de

Dr. Dominik Domnik (Network & Community Lead): domnik@bwl.lmu.de