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The LMU Innovation Incubator

Unleashing the transformational power of science



Are you a current or alumni LMU student, researcher, or employee and aim to bring your scientific insights into application?

Do you have an applicable idea for a process, product, or service that addresses the challenges society deals with today?

Do you want to create actual impact with your idea / research?

Do you want to use startup methodologies to test your commercialization opportunities?

Are you thinking about founding a business with your idea / research?

Are you looking for exchange and likeminded visionaries to jointly shape the future?

Do you want to develop a founder’s mind – and skillset?


Deadline: October 3rd 2022


LMU Innovation Incubator #2

Winter Edition: October 2022 – January 2023

What we offer

  • The LMU Innovation Incubator is an exclusive 3-month early stage startup program for researchers, current and alumni LMU students, and staff.
  • In our Incubator, we explore and validate ideas for impactful innovation at the nexus of academia, science and business.
  • We help you seize opportunities to find Co-Founders and early investors and become a part of our growing IEC start up community.
  • Through our IEC Incubation Program, we want to help you explore if implementing your idea into an innovative and impactful business is a potential career path for you.

The LMU Innovation Incubator Program


Kick-Off: October 27th 2022

October 31st 2022
Impact & Purpose

Define the WHY of your enterprise and sketch out your idea’s impact readiness (Impact readiness program)

November 15th 2022
Finding Market Opportunities

Exploring and defining market opportunities for your innovation

November 29th 2022
Agile Product Development & Value Proposition

Understanding your customers and the value your product/service creates for them

December 13th 2022
Business Model 

Sketch out a Business Model or innovate an existing one

December 20th 2022
Pitch Training and Storytelling

Know how to sell your idea to co-founders, stakeholders and investors

January 10th 2023
Funding & Financing 
Exclusively, we focus on impact financing

January 20th 2023
Demo Day

In our final event, you will publicly present your idea to exclusive investors, potential Co-Founders and stakeholders

What's in it for you

  • A variety of practical workshop modules to learn and implement start-up methods and tools with the aim of turning your research/idea into an innovative business.
  • Tailored advisory and individual coaching sessions for participants.
  • Modules from IEC’s Impact Readiness Program to create impact with your research/idea.
  • An LMU Incubator Certificate that awards you for successful participation.
  • Innovation and Startup related keynotes and webinars from experts and fellow LMU founders.
  • CO-WORKING space and access to our LMU Startup Community.
  • Tips and tricks as well as opportunities to find Co-Founders.
  • Individual advisory with our partners at LMU Spin-Off Service and LMU Referat Transfer.

Program Goals

We aim to 

  • Give you the skills to innovate and build a business from scratch.
  • Thus help you combine your academic expertise with a founders’ mind- and skillset.
  • Guide your team on the journey to get ready to enter the market, attract investors and make an impact.
  • Promote startups and spin-offs.
  • Spark the founder in you.



  • You have research findings that tackle / solve a clear real-world problem.
  • Your idea/product/service has clear applicability.
  • You are at an early stage with your idea/product (pre-seed, prototype)
  • You want to explore the opportunities for your idea/product by finding market opportunities, customer segments and a suitable business model.
  • If your Ideas and/or innovations are financed by external investors ( e.g., ZIM,… contracts) you need to gain clarity about IP and confidentially share that information with us.
  • You have the time and the commitment to participate in the program and work on your idea in a targeted manner (attendance and documentation about your progress within the program is mandatory).



      Annie Weichselbaum

      Incubation Manager & Innovation Coach


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