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The LMU Innovation Incubator

Unleashing the transformational power of science



Are you a current or alumni LMU student, researcher, or employee and aim to bring your scientific insights into application?

Do you have an applicable idea for a process, product, or service that addresses the challenges society deals with today?

Do you want to create actual impact with your idea / research?

Do you want to use startup methodologies to test your commercialization opportunities?

Are you thinking about founding a business with your idea / research?

Are you looking for exchange and likeminded visionaries to jointly shape the future?

Do you want to develop a founder’s mind – and skillset?

(extended to September 20th)


What we offer

  • The LMU Innovation Incubator is an exclusive 3-month early stage startup program for teams of researchers, current and alumni LMU students, and staff.
  • In our Incubator, we explore and validate ideas for impactful innovation at the nexus of academia, science and business.
  • We help you seize opportunities to find Co-Founders and early investors and become a part of our growing IEC start up community.
  • Through our IEC Incubation Program, we want to help you explore if implementing your idea into an innovative and impactful business is a potential career path for you.

The LMU Innovation Incubator Program


Innovation Lab 1
Date: 10. & 11. October 2023 

  • Kick Off
  • Strategic Core
    Define the WHY of your enterprise and sketch out the impact of your idea
  • Team Setup
    Find out about your entrepreneurial strengths and the perfect team setup

Coachings: 17. & 18. October 2023

Innovation LAB 2
Date: 7. & 8. November 2023

  • Market Opportunities
    Explore your market opportunities and define possible market segments for your Innovation
  • Customer Centricity & Product Development
    Find out about your customers, validate your idea and build a prototype.
  • Business Impact Modelling
    Sketch out an impactful Business Model or innovate an existing one with IEC's Business Impact Canvas.
  • Funding & Financing
    Discover the best financing strategies & funding opportunities for your research transfer/venture.

Coachings: 14. & 15. November 2023

Innovation LAB 3
5. & 6. December 2023

  • Pitch Training
    Learn how to skillfully communicate your idea to co-founders, stakeholders and investors.
  • Roadmap & Projectplan
    Map out the next steps for your venture.
  • Storytelling
    Understand and tell the story of your brand. 

Pitch Training: 18. December 2023 

DEMO DAY: January 18th 2023
4 pm - 8 pm 

In our final event, you will exclusively pitch your idea to investors, potential Co-Founders and our entrepreneurial Community. 


What's in it for you

  • A variety of practical workshop modules to learn and implement start-up methods and tools with the aim of turning your research/idea into an innovative business.
  • Tailored advisory and individual coaching sessions for participants.
  • Modules from IEC’s Impact Readiness Program to create impact with your research/idea.
  • An LMU Incubator Certificate that awards you for successful participation.
  • Innovation and Startup related keynotes and webinars from experts and fellow LMU founders.
  • CO-WORKING space and access to our LMU Startup Community.
  • Tips and tricks as well as opportunities to find Co-Founders.
  • Individual advisory with our partners at LMU Spin-off Service and LMU Referat Transfer.

Program Goals

We aim to 

  • Give you the skills to innovate and build a business from scratch.
  • Thus help you combine your academic expertise with a founders’ mind- and skillset.
  • Guide your team on the journey to get ready to enter the market, attract investors and make an impact.
  • Promote startups and spin-offs.
  • Spark the founder in you.



  • You have research findings that tackle / solve a clear real-world problem.
  • Your idea/product/service has clear applicability.
  • You are at an early stage with your idea/product (pre-seed, prototype)
  • You want to explore the opportunities for your idea/product by finding market opportunities, customer segments and a suitable business model.
  • If your Ideas and/or innovations are financed by external investors ( e.g., ZIM,… contracts) you need to gain clarity about IP and confidentially share that information with us.
  • You have the time and the commitment to participate in the program and work on your idea in a targeted manner (attendance and documentation about your progress within the program is mandatory).


      Annie Weichselbaum

      Incubation Lead 

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