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LMU IEC Event Within the LMU PostDoc Month (10.05.2022)

Bringing Science into Action: All You Need to Know About Academic Entrepreneurship


Being an entrepreneur is much more than doing business. It means understanding a problem, finding a solution, recognizing an opportunity for change and building an organization that is able to bring this solution into realization. In this workshop, we provide a rough overview on basics of academic entrepreneurship and discuss inspiring LMU-examples of entrepreneurship as a tool to bring research into application.

Target Group:

LMU doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from all disciplines

Time and Place:

10.05.2022, 4pm-6pm

Leopoldstraße 30, Seminar Room 1, ground floor


Dr. Julia Wimmer (Managing Director, LMU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center)

Philipp Landerer (Startup Consultant, LMU Spin-off Service)

Founders of Qlibri

Founders of LifeTeachUs



This event is a joint event of the LMU IEC and the Unit for Research and Technology Transfer as part of the "EXCELLerate. LMU Postdoc Career Days". For registration please use the registration form.