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Startup Secret - Trademark and IP protection

Are you ready to collect 20 points in the Innovation Mindset module? Then sign up for our event Startup Secret - Trademark and IP protection.

What: Lecture
When: 17.11.2022, 4:00-5:30PM
Where: Online via Zoom
Points attainable: 20
Certificate module: Innovation Mindset

Topics covered during the event:
• Why is it important to protect your trademark and how can you get protection?
• What are the costs for trademark protection?
• What do you have to keep in mind before filing a trademark application?
• Not only for the exit— trademarks and other IP as valuable assets of your company!

About Matthias Ringer:
Matthias Ringer has studied law in Munich and spent a part of his PhD studies in London. Since 2012, he is an attorney at the Munich law firm Lorenz Seidler Gossel and advises startups on all questions about trademarks and other IP matters.

In order to receive the points for the LMU IEC Certificate, you have to attend the event and send an E-Mail containing a short (~1 page) essay summarizing your learnings to iec@som.lmu.de.

You can join the event by following this Zoom link: