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LMU IEC x Ekipa | Design Thinking Workshop

Are you ready to collect 40 points in the Innovation Skills module? Then sign up for our LMU IEC x Ekipa | Design Thinking Workshop.

What:    Workshop
When:   04.05.2023, 17:00 - 21:00
Where:  Online via Zoom
Points attainable: 40 points (requires the participation in the workshop and the final submission for Innovate2030)
Certificate module: Innovation Skills

Design Thinking Workshops
During the Design Thinking Workshop, you will learn about the design thinking methodology, each of its steps, useful methods and apply some to a real-world challenge. This means you will be using design thinking to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

About Ekipa and Innovate2030
Ekipa specializes in managing innovation projects or programs. Thereby, they enable the digital generation to help shape a sustainable digital future, creating novel possibilities for society through creative and innovative ideas. Within the scope of their projects, they support the networking of digital natives, politics, industry, and science. Ekipa addresses societal and economic issues collaboratively, generating added value for everyone involved.

Furthermore, the workshop are part of the Innovate2030 initiative, which aims to develop digital innovative concepts and ideas based on 7 real challenges with partners from businesses and politics to address the Sustainable Development Goal 9-"Industry, Innovatiom & Infrastructure", as proposed by the United Nations.

You can sign up for the workshop until 02.05.2023 following this link: