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Ali Aslan Gümüşay

Prof. Dr. Ali Aslan Gümüşay

Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability


Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Munich School of Management
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC)
Giselastrasse 10
80802 Munich

Room: 206
Email: guemuesay@lmu.de

Curriculum Vitae

LMU Munich, School of Management, since 01/2023
Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet & Society, since 02/2020
Head of Research Group for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

University of Hamburg, 04/2018 - 12/2022
Senior Researcher

Vienna University of Economics & Business and University of Hamburg, 10/2016 - 03/2018

Magdalen College, University of Oxford, 01/2014 - 09/2016
Lecturer in Management

University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, Christ Church
DPhil, Management Research


Research Focus

  1. Values, meaning and hybridity in entrepreneurship
  2. Grand challenges, sustainability and new forms of organizing
  3. Digitalization, management and innovation
  4. Impact, scholarship and futures

Selected Publications

  1. Adler, P. S., Adly, A., Armanios, D. E., Battilana, J., Bodrožić, Z., …, Gümüşay, A.A., … et al. 2023. Authoritarianism, Populism, and the Global Retreat of Democracy: A Curated Discussion. Journal of Management Inquiry, 32:1, pp. 3-20.
  2. Gümüşay, A. A., Raynard, M., Etter, M., Albu, O., Roulet, T. Digital Technology and Voice: How Platforms Shape Institutional Processes Through Visibilization. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 83, pp. 57-85.
  3. Gümüşay, A.A. & Reinecke, J. 2022. Researching for desirable futures: From real utopias to imagining alternatives. Journal of Management Studies, 59:1, pp. 236-242.
  4. Gümüşay, A.A., Marti, E., Trittin-Ulbrich, H., Wickert, C. (Editors). 2022. Organizing for Societal Grand Challenges. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 79.
  5. Scheidgen, K., Gümüşay, A.A, Günzel-Jensen, F., Krlev, G., Wolf, M. 2021. Crises and entrepreneurial opportunities: Digital social innovation in response to physical distancing. Journal of Business Venturing Insights.
  6. Gümüşay, A.A., & Amis, J. 2021. Contextual Expertise and the Development of Organization and Management Theory. European Management Review, 18:1, pp. 9-24.

    *EMR Best Paper Award 2022
    *Top 10 most downloaded papers recognition in 2022
  7. Gümüşay, A.A., Claus, L., & Amis, J. 2020. Engaging with Grand Challenges: An Institutional Logics Perspective. Organization Theory, 1:3, pp. 1-20.
  8. Gümüşay, A.A., Smets, M. & Morris, T. 2020. 'God at Work': Engaging Central and Incompatible Institutional Logics through Elastic Hybridity. Academy of Management Journal, 63:1, pp. 124-154.

    *OMT Best Published Paper Award 2021
    *Finalist VHB Best Paper Award 2020
    *Most cited 2020 article in the Academy of Management Journal
  9. Gümüşay, A.A. 2020. The Plurality and Prevalence of the Religious Institutional Logic. Business & Society, 59:5, 855-880.

    *Finalist for Business & Society Best Paper Award 2020
  10. Gümüşay, A.A. 2019. Embracing religions in moral theories of leadership. Academy of Management Perspectives, 33:3, 292-306.
  11. Gümüşay, A.A., & Bohné, T.M. 2018. Individual and organizational inhibitors to the development of entrepreneurial competencies in universities. Research Policy. 47:2, pp. 363-378.

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